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The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames includes Chessington, Surbiton, New Malden & Tolworth

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Information For Clubs

Organisations That Can Help Clubs
There are many organisations both national and regional that are here to support clubs across the Country, some you may have met during one of our Club Nights.
They can provide practical help such as resources, guidelines, fundraising ideas and event organisation to information about coach development and First Aid courses.
Why not take a look now?
Click on Organisations That Can Help

London Youth Games 2014
Cycling team with Deputy Mayor & Sponsors Marie O’Loughlin PFP Leisure & Adrian Pearman Sport Kingston
Kingston’s finest young athletes competed against 32 London Boroughs in 27 sports in the 2014 Balfour Beatty London Youth Games. London Youth Games 2010 - Royal Borough of Kingston
More: London Youth Games Report & Photos

Disclosure and Barring Service
Disclosure and Barring Service
This has now replaced the previous CRB checks. Full details can be found by visiting the Disclosure and Barring website
In addition, Kingston Voluntary Action hold workshops on this and many other subjects relevant to sports clubs so please keep a look out for their training calendar to see the date of the next workshop: KVA Training Page

What The Spending Review Means To Clubs
The first article of what is likely to be a series of news releases on this subject can be found here.

Safeguarding & Protecting Children & Young People in Sport
For information and help about Child Protection in Sport, click here

Club Development Courses/Resources/Information
Listed below are some helpful courses and information.
Pro-Active South London
provide a comprehensive list of coach and club development courses/workshops
Sporting Equals
Promoting ethnic diversity across sport and physical activity
Sporting Equals
Surveys i.e. Active People

New Guidelines For Coaching Young People
Best Practice Guidelines for Coaching Children & Young People's Activities
Joint Guidance by Sports Coach UK & the Child Protection in Sport Unit
The document outlines suggested best practice, not minimum legal requirements.
It builds on the work of many governing bodies of sport and other coach employing/ deploying organisations who already issue specific advice on minimum coach-to-participant supervision ratios (and a range of other factors linked to the welfare and safety of participants).
It is hoped that the document will:
enhance existing practice
 provide guidance in areas where none currently exists
Click on the underlined link above

Funding Opportunities for Sports Clubs - Kingston Borough Council
See News on Funding Opportunities
Sport Kingston Mailing List

To receive email alerts and news, simply send a  message to
Throwing - For Athletics & Disabled Sports Clubs in Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames - see Kingston Sports Directory
Get Active London - Click here for 10,000 ways to get active
Athletics & Running Clubs in Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames - see Kingston Sports Directory

More Information For Clubs

What is incorporation & is it suitable for your club?
What is incorporation & is it suitable for your sports club
To protect their committee and members, more and more clubs are choosing to separate the legal identity of their club by becoming incorporated.
Check out our new, interactive, step-by-step guide to find out on this page on the Club Matters website.

This update from ACASC LinkSport on Community Amateur Club Status is very useful for clubs to be aware of.
The Draft Community Amateur Sports Clubs Regulations 2015 were approved
by the government’s Delegated Legislation Committee on March 3rd 2015.
April 1st will see the new Rules fully 'switched on' for clubs.
Here we present our overview & analysis of key impact points including:
* The creation of a 'Supporters Club' as an alternative to a Trading Subsidiary
* Expected overall impact on volunteers & club officials
* Any further Tax implications (i.e. VAT)
More info:

Sport England Club Matters has arrived!!
Sport England Club Matters
Club Matters has tools that will provide you with support, learning and guidance on all aspects of running your club whether it is large, small, formal or informal.

Club Matters offers free, simple and bitesize support to all clubs through online support, workshops, mentoring, club improvement plan, club views and clubmark.

It provides free templates to assist you with all areas of running a club.

If you are a club that is thinking about starting the clubmark process, or you have started this process then help is at hand. Club matters can guide you every step of the way.

Visit  now to start making the running of your club a lot easier.

Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) Scheme
There are going to be some big changes to the Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) scheme in the New Year that will affect sports clubs. Benefits of the scheme include very significant tax relief and Gift Aid on donations.
Please refer to the blog: The new CASC rules and how grassroots sport will benefit
and the website

Affordable Bus Hire For Our Local Sports Clubs
BUDGETS UNDER PRESSURE ? Sport Kingston is Grant aided by the Royal Borough of Kingston
We’ve had lots of recent interest from schools for them to use our SEN Home to School buses (on school days, this is generally 10am – 2pm), at far lower cost than obtaining buses through private hire companies. One Primary School has told us that we’ve saved them a huge amount on their transport budget to regular swimming lessons !
We have 17 vehicles available, 16 of which carry 16 passengers (excluding the driver), and 1 of which carries 28 passengers (again, excluding driver). All the vehicles are fully wheelchair accessible and all the drivers are trained to very high standards, as they all work on our regular Special Educational Needs Home to School routes.
More information - see page for Affordable Bus Hire For Our Local Sports Clubs

Active People Survey
Sport England
This Survey, carried out by Sport England can help clubs to evidence need, track trends, understand participation and much more to support funding applications and gain an overview of sport locally. See the Sport England survey here

Clubmark is the only national cross sports quality accreditation scheme for clubs with junior sections
Clubmark is a national cross sports quality accreditation scheme for clubs with junior sections. It is built around a set of core criteria that ensures that clubs operate to consistent, accepted and adopted minimum standards.
Clubmark can either be awarded by the Sports Governing Body (if accredited) or by Pro Active South London. More about Clubmark
Club Mark - Volunteering & Club Newsletter

Local Issues/Problems?
Let us know any concerns your club has and we’ll see if we can help.
Send your email to

F.A.N.S Scheme
Free Access for National Sports People
This scheme enables sportspeople of National Level to access gyms in Kingston for FREE.
F.A.N.S Scheme - Free Access for National Sports Peopl
FANS aims to assist elite athletes to achieve their full potential by reducing the financial burden of training costs.
Members are invited from any sporting discipline recognised by Sport England.
Further information, criteria and Application Form available here. Form download.
FANS - Further information, criteria and Application Form available here

Promoting Your Club

New Members/Players Wanted?
Is your club looking for new members?
You can advertise your open days, trials etc on the Players Wanted / Try A Sport page.
Send you publicity to us today and we’ll display it on this website
Hiring Pitches Courts & Other Sports Facilities

MyLocalPitch helps clubs & players to find and book their nearest sports venue.
MyLocalPitch helps clubs & players find and book your nearest sports venue.
"We have over 1,300 sports venues, so why not get searching."
Green Spaces Strategy Workshop

Would you like to contribute to the development of Kingston’s Green Spaces Strategy, Tree Strategy and Allotment Strategy?
Please come along to an interactive workshop on Tuesday 14th October 2014 in Queen Anne Suite, Guildhall.
This ‘drop in’ workshop will at start at 5.00pm and run throughout the evening until 9.00pm.

To find out about green space, trees and allotments in Kingston there will be a short presentation repeated each hour, the first will be at 5.10pm, then there will be an opportunity to meet the green spaces team, make your comments, suggestions, ideas, proposals and even a vision for the future.

Light refreshments will be available.

If you cannot make the date, but would still like to be involved please send your comments to

Free Business Skills Seminars

FREE Better business skills for sports clubs seminars hosted in Kingston
Active Kingston is working in partnership with Sport England Club Leaders to offer our Kingston based clubs seven FREE better business skills for sport seminars hosted here in our Borough.
Finance: Build a firm foundation for your club
Marketing Strategy: Reach out & attract with impact
Club Structures: Building for success
PAYE & Employment Status: Protect your club and your people
Cash Flow and Budgeting: Getting your clubs finances into shape
Policies and Procedures: Protect your clubs future
Business Planning: Securing a brighter future
More information, brochure & application form

Sports Clubs Directory

Sports Clubs In The Kingston Area

The Kingston Sports Club Directory is currently on the Royal Kingston website. It has information on over 110 local sporting clubs and societies.
Make sure your club is included and that your details are up to date
Add Your Sports Club To The Directory
If you would like your sports club to be included in the Sports Directory contact Sue Johnson  (Details below)
Any changes to your club's listing on the directory should be advised to Sue Johnson at Active Kingston
It is planned to migrate the Sports Club Directory to the Sport Kingston website.
To see examples of the enhanced presentation, see the new Judo section.
Kingston Borough Sports Club Directory
Also the sports Aikido Athletics Badminton Basketball  Bowls on the directory listing at the bottom of each page of this site.

Sport England Market Segmentation Toolkit
Why do some people play sport? And why do some simply not want to join in?
Sport England has developed nineteen sporting segments to help us understand the nation's attitudes to sport, their motivations and barriers.
Find out more about Segments and answer questions such as ‘what is the dominant segment in my local authority area’ or ‘which segment lives within the catchment of my sports centre’ or ‘where can I find Leanne?’
Sport England Toolkit
Explore a particular Sport and answer questions such as ‘which segments are more likely to play my sport’ or ‘which segments play team sports’ or ‘in this area, where are the people located who are more likely to play tennis?’
Investigate further Characteristics about the segments and answer questions such as ‘where are people located who would like to play sport to lose weight?’
For more detail on the development of these segments follow this link

Promoting Your Club

There are many more ways to promote your club to the community. See our page with suggestions and help, including assistance from the Active Kingston Team and Local Media Contacts.
More about Promoting Your Club

Franchisee Opportunity

Judo Franchisee – Interested ?
o Are you an experienced Judo coach
o Would you like a worthwhile career to supplement your income
o Taking Judo classes in your area?
o Eventually to give you a good income
o You could be taking full time Judo classes, up to 15 - 20 per week
o If you are interested, please forward your cv to
Judo Franchisee – Interested ?

Looking Back

Kingston’s Borough Sports Awards 2012: Olympic Stars step out to celebrate!

Kingston's Olympic Judo hero Karina Bryant has hailed the success if the London 2012 Games in inspiring the borough's next generation of sports stars.
Olympic medalists at Kingston's Sport Awards
GB Karina Bryant and GB Moe Sbihi
Winners of Kingston Borough Sport Awards
Khalsa Champions members - Satinda Sehra (Eileen Gray Award), Sophie Santillo (Sports Achiever Junior), Max Dudzinski (Sports Volunteer Junior) and Fran Hardcastle(National Athlete Junior)
In a year when the borough of Kingston finished 18th out of 33 in the London Youth Games, the awards recognised not only the sporting achievements of the young athletes, but also that of the coaches and volunteers at local community clubs and national athletes of the borough.
Karina Bryant, a former pupil at Tolworth Girls' School pupil, won bronze at the London 2012, and the 33-year old told the award winners that she was living proof that they too could become Olympic medal winners.
Among the highlights of the evening were Ciaran Sibley winning the Neil Desai award for sports personality of the London Youth Games for cycling and kayak slalom and Peter Roberts for sports personality of the disabled games. Sophie Santillo won Sports Achiever Junior of the year and Kieran Bahan the senior award.
The last three trophies of the evening were saved for Adele Orr (Kingston Fencing Club), Satinda Sehra (Khalsa Champions) and Peter Corner (Graham Spicer Institute Table Tennis) winning the respective awards - The Mayor's Trophy, The Eileen Gray Award and the John Mowat Award.
To get a flavour for why the above and many more won their awards please read the snapshot citations.
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